The Science of Gastronomy

开始时间: 04/22/2022 持续时间: Unknown

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课程类别: 生物与生命科学

大学或机构: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology(香港科技大学)

授课老师: Lam Lung Yeung King L. Chow



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This course introduces students to a number of basic scientific principles underpinning cooking, cuisine preparation and the enjoyment of food. Various topics with a strong basis in biology, chemistry and physics applications will be covered. These include the consumption of cooked food, physiological and evolutionary control of the senses, geographic and cultural influences and the rationale behind cuisine preparation. Issues like coupling of senses to improve sense stimulation, altering flavor by chemical means, and modification of the coloration to improve the appearance of dishes will be discussed in the course. Through video demonstrations of the scientific principles underlying cooking practices, students are expected to recognize the key ingredients and their combination for preparing good healthy food. They will be able to:

  1. develop an appreciation of the scientific basis of various cuisine recipes;
  2. develop their own recipes by integrating some of the scientific principles into new dishes; as well as
  3. recognize the influence of the material world on human perception from the different senses, and thus
  4. be able to continually take on cooking and dining as an art of integrating sciences.


Week 1: 
1. Energy Transfer 
2. Hunger and Satiety

Week 2: 
3. The Sense of Taste
4. The Sense of Smell

Week 3: 
5. The Sense of Sight
6. The Sense of Touch

Week 4: 
7. Fruits and Vegetables
8. A Perfect Steak

Week 5: 
8. A Perfect Steak (continue)
9. Sauces

Week 6: 
9. Sauces (continue)
10. Dessert



This course introduces students to elements of science behind cooking, cuisine preparation and the enjoyment of food. The ultimate goal is to help students recognize the importance of scientific principles being applied in everyday life, so that they will appreciate and be able to apply some of these principles in their future cooking practice, including the manipulation of human perception.


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