Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle: Issues and Insights

开始时间: 04/22/2022 持续时间: Unknown

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课程类别: 生物与生命科学

大学或机构: Vanderbilt University(范德堡大学)

授课老师: Jamie Pope


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Separate fact from fiction and fads as you learn about core nutrition concepts and how to evaluate not only personal food choices and overall dietary patterns, but nutrition related content in the media and in advertising. Such topics include fundamentals of a healthful eating pattern, nutrition labeling, dietary supplements, fortified and “super” foods, plant-based nutrition, and nutrition and fitness. The course will also include an overview of nutrition fundamentals as they relate to human health.

During this course you will have the opportunity to:

  • Analyze and evaluate your own food and beverage intake using a reputable nutrient database.
  • Research of a dietary supplement of your choosing using credible informational websites as well as evidence-based medical literature.
  • Personally examine the concept of energy balance through determination of your calorie needs, intake and expenditure.


Week One: Just What is a Healthy Diet? A Balancing Act

Week Two: Nutrition Labeling: Facts, Claims, and Challenges

Week Three: Dietary Supplements: Evaluating the Evidence

Week Four: Functional and “Super” Foods: Their Role in Optimal Nutrition

Week Five: Plant-based Nutrition: Controversies and Considerations

Week Six: Nutrition and Fitness: Facts, Food, and Fuel




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week 2 food labeling ,这个方面是国内很少见的。(大家买食品的时候会根据食品上的营养标签来搭配么。。。至少在这节课之前我完全没有这样的想法)
再次因为语言问题,很难及时参加到课程的discussion forum,meet-up中。


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Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle: Issues and Insights 是我的第一节mooc
week 1 healthy diets,提供了一些在线的食物热量计算,记录,根据这些完成assignment。(国内也有类似的网站。)通过这种计算,和课程中提供的相关数据(如:DRIs)对比,可以当作自己的饮食是否健康的标准之一。这门课对于营养是非常细分的,细到热量,脂肪,碳水化合物,蛋白质……等在每日饮食摄入的含量。根据相关表格了解自己的饮食习惯是否均衡,并作出调整。(如果实际执行这样的流程,对减肥很有帮助)


This six week course will explore nutrition concepts that take center stage in mainstream media outlets and become conversation topics among consumers interested in food choice as it relates to optimal health and physical performance.


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