Control of Mobile Robots

开始时间: 04/22/2022 持续时间: 7 weeks

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课程类别: 工程

大学或机构: Georgia Institute of Technology(佐治亚理工学院)

授课老师: Anonymous1 Magnus Egerstedt


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This course investigates how to make mobile robots move in effective, safe, and predictable ways. The basic tool for achieving this is "control theory", which deals with the question of how dynamical systems, i.e., systems whose behaviors change over time, can be effectively influenced. In the course, these two domains - controls and robotics - will be interleaved and we will go from the basics of control theory, via robotic examples of increasing complexity - all the way to the research frontier. The course will focus on mobile robots as the target application and problems that will be covered include (1) how to make (teams of) wheeled ground robots avoid collisions while reaching target locations,  (2) how to make aerial, quadrotor robots follow paths in the presence of severe disturbances, and (3) how to locomotive bipedal, humanoid robots.



wzyer 2013-05-17 08:42 1 票支持; 0 票反对

Georgia Tech的课,内容我很喜欢。但总还是觉得这个学校的课程难度都注水了。课程本身还是很不错的,移动机器人控制还是很有意思的一个方向,所以课程并不显乏味,如果只要混证书的话也很容易,不做编程也能混到。不过我还是把所有编程都做了,其实也不难。


Learn about how to make mobile robots move in effective, safe, predictable, and collaborative ways using modern control theory.


机器人 移动机器人 控制论 控制理论 佐治亚理工学院



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