Data Warehousing for Business Intelligence Specialization

开始时间: 06/26/2021 持续时间: Unknown

所在平台: Coursera专项课程

课程类别: 计算机科学

大学或机构: CourseraNew



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Evaluate business needs, design a data warehouse, and integrate and visualize data using dashboards and visual analytics. This Specialization covers data architecture skills that are increasingly critical across a broad range of technology fields. You’ll learn the basics of structured data modeling, gain practical SQL coding experience, and develop an in-depth understanding of data warehouse design and data manipulation. You’ll have the opportunity to work with large data sets in a data warehouse environment to create dashboards and Visual Analytics. You will use of MicroStrategy, a leading BI tool, OLAP (online analytical processing) and Visual Insights capabilities to create dashboards and Visual Analytics. In the final Capstone Project, you’ll apply your skills to build a small, basic data warehouse, populate it with data, and create dashboards and other visualizations to analyze and communicate the data to a broad audience.

用于商业智能专业化的数据仓库:使用仪表板和可视化分析评估业务需求,设计数据仓库以及集成和可视化数据。 本专业涵盖了在广泛的技术领域中日益重要的数据架构技能。您将学习结构化数据建模的基础知识,获得实用的SQL编码经验,并深入了解数据仓库设计和数据操作。您将有机会在数据仓库环境中使用大型数据集来创建仪表板和Visual Analytics。您将使用领先的BI工具MicroStrategy,OLAP(在线分析处理)和Visual Insights功能来创建仪表板和Visual Analytics。在最终的Capstone项目中,您将运用自己的技能来建立一个小的基本数据仓库,用数据填充它,并创建仪表板和其他可视化效果,以将数据分析并传达给广大受众。


Database Management Essentials
Data Warehouse Concepts, Design, and Data Integration
Relational Database Support for Data Warehouses
Business Intelligence Concepts, Tools, and Applications



面向商业智能的数据仓库专项课程系列(Data Warehousing for Business Intelligence Specialization),这个系列包含5门子课程,涵盖数据库管理基础,数据仓库概念、设计和数据集成,关系型数据库和数据仓库,商业智能概念、工具和应用,以及面向商业智能实习数据仓库等。Harness Business Data-Build a fully-optimized business data warehouse in five courses.


数据仓库 商业智能 数据库 关系型数据库 面向商业智能的数据仓库