Presentation Skills: Speechwriting, Slides and Delivery Specialization

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Presentations are the most popular way of communication. This Specialization has 4 courses and covers fundamentals of three major presentation skills: 1) Storytelling— the art of crafting an interesting, convincing and evidence-based script of your presentation, 2) Slide design — a merge of graphical and information design to make clean and clear slides that help you deliver your ideas 3) Delivery — the art of interacting with the audience during presentation and a tough Q&A. The 4th and final course of the Specialization is the Capstone project, where you will prepare a presentation «from scratch» with a topic that matters to you and then deliver it to your peers. Our courses are designed for anyone from a rookie speaker to an established presenter. Whether you’re presenting an idea or a product or a complicated issue, this Specialization gives you tools to make it right. We suggest you take these courses in ascending order. But feel free to choose only the courses you need. The specialization trailer

演讲技巧:演讲写作,幻灯片和演讲专业化:演讲是最流行的交流方式。本专业课程有4门课程,涵盖了三种主要演讲技巧的基础知识:1)讲故事-制作有趣,令人信服且基于证据的演讲脚本的艺术,2)幻灯片设计-图形和信息设计的融合以使演示更简洁清晰的幻灯片可帮助您传达想法3)传递-在演示过程中与观众互动的艺术,以及艰苦的问答环节。专业化课程的第四个也是最后一个课程是Capstone项目,您将在其中“从头开始”准备一个主题演讲,主题与您息息相关,然后将其传达给您的同行。 我们的课程专为从新手演讲者到资深演讲者的任何人而设计。无论您是提出想法,产品还是复杂的问题,此专业知识都能为您提供使之正确的工具。 我们建议您以升序学习这些课程。但是,请随意选择只需要的课程。 专业化预告片


Presentation skills: Speechwriting and Storytelling
Presentation skills: Designing Presentation Slides
Presentation skills: Effective Presentation Delivery
Presentation skills: Public Speaking Project



Deliver compelling presentations.-Learn and apply the principles of speechwriting, slide design and delivery like great presenters.


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