Magic in the Middle Ages

开始时间: 04/22/2022 持续时间: 6 weeks

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Magical thought has always attracted human imagination. In this course we will introduce you to the Middle Ages through a wide conception of magic. Students will have an approach to medieval culture, beliefs and practices from the perspective of different areas of knowledge (History, Literature, Art History and History of Science). Popular magic, as well as magie savante (alchemy, geomancy and necromancy) will be addressed and we will also deal with artistic manifestations, such as relics, art objects, the Saint Grail and Arthurian literature. Magic in the Middle Ages offers a captivating overview of medieval society and promotes reflection about certain stereotypes associated with this period.


Week 1. Introduction to medieval magic (Pau Castell).

Week 2. Magic & Heresy (Delfi I. Nieto-Isabel).

Week 3. From Magic to Witchcraft (Pau Castell).

Week 4. Magic in Islam (Godefroid de Callataÿ and Sébastien Moureau).

Week 5. The Magical World of Celtic Culture (Gemma Pellissa Prades).

Week 6. The Magic of Objects (Noemi Álvarez da Silva).



Want to learn about magic in the Middle Ages? Witches, heretics, inquisitors, the Holy Grail, alchemy, relics and much more are waiting for you in this course!