The Dynamic Earth: A Course for Educators

开始时间: 04/22/2022 持续时间: 4 weeks

所在平台: CourseraArchive

课程类别: 物理与地球科学

大学或机构: 美国自然历史博物馆

授课老师: Ro Kinzler Edmond Mathez



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The AMNH course The Dynamic Earth: A Course for Educators provides students with an overview of the origin and evolution of the Earth. Informed by the recently released Next Generation Science Standards, this course examines geological time scales, radiometric dating, and how scientists “read the rocks.” We will explore dramatic changes in the Earth over the last 4 billion years, including how the evolution of life on Earth has affected its atmosphere. In addition to looking at geology on a global scale, participants will take to their own backyards to explore and share their local geologic history. Course participants will bring their understanding of the dynamic Earth - along with content resources, discussion questions, and assignments - into their own teaching.


This course will focus on:

  • an overview of the history of the Earth and geologic time scales
  • an exploration of how scientists “read the rocks”
  • evolution of the Earth’s ocean basins, mountains, and continents
  • interactions of the Earth's major systems 
  • implementing what you’ve learned in your classroom



How and why is the Earth constantly changing? How do scientists reconstruct events in Earth's geologic history? This course explores the origin and evolution of the Earth and provides resources for educational use.





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