Organizing for Innovation

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Hello and welcome to Organizing for Innovation! You’re joining the community of learners currently enrolled in this course. We are excited to have you in the class and look forward to embarking together with you on this fascinating journey. This course is aimed at everyone with an interest in entrepreneurship and innovation. This includes graduate and undergraduate students, current, past, and future entrepreneurs, managers of innovative firms, or managers who are responsible for leading innovation in their company. There is no formal prerequisite to this course. Throughout the course you’ll be exposed to an in-depth analysis of four applied case studies of successful ventures as well as both theoretical and applied frameworks helping you to better design and govern your organization. To begin, we recommend you take a few minutes to explore our website. Click on Course Content on the left to see what material we’ll cover each of the four modules. You can also preview the assignments you’ll need to complete to pass the course. Click Discussions to see the forums where you can discuss the course material with fellow students taking the class. Be sure to introduce yourself to everyone in the Meet and Greet forum! This course should take you about 4 weeks to complete. By the time you finish it, you’ll have learned to: • Evaluate the value-creating potential of your business idea and design the business model that is best suited to capture this value • Manage talent and creativity by structuring the right incentives for existing employees as well as design strategies to retain and attract the very best talent • Design formal organization structures that fit with the strategy of your business and the culture of your organization • Understand and manage norms guiding behavior in organizations • Recognize and manage bottlenecks hampering organizational growth We really hope that you’ll enjoy the learning journey ahead. Good luck as you get started and we look forward to seeing you in class! Profs. Giada Di Stefano and Tomasz Obloj and HEC Paris Digital Learning


In this module we will help you decide and analyze if an innovative business idea has potential to help you succeed the marketplace. At the end of this module, you will be able to analyze three dimensions of value: (1) Value created; (2) Value added; and (3) Value captured. Throughout the module we will illustrate the main concepts and frameworks using the case of D-Vine, the French startup that was awarded the Best Startup Award during the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.



Hello and welcome to Organizing for Innovation! You’re joining the community of learners currently e