Data Analysis and Interpretation Capstone

开始时间: 09/26/2020 持续时间: Unknown

所在平台: Coursera

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The Capstone project will allow you to continue to apply and refine the data analytic techniques learned from the previous courses in the Specialization to address an important issue in society. You will use real world data to complete a project with our industry and academic partners. For example, you can work with our industry partner, DRIVENDATA, to help them solve some of the world's biggest social challenges! DRIVENDATA at, is committed to bringing cutting-edge practices in data science and crowdsourcing to some of the world's biggest social challenges and the organizations taking them on. Or, you can work with our other industry partner, The Connection ( to help them better understand recidivism risk for people on parole seeking substance use treatment. For more than 40 years, The Connection has been one of Connecticut’s leading private, nonprofit human service and community development agencies. Each month, thousands of people are assisted by The Connection’s diverse behavioral health, family support and community justice programs. The Connection’s Institute for Innovative Practice was created in 2010 to bridge the gap between researchers and practitioners in the behavioral health and criminal justice fields with the goal of developing maximally effective, evidence-based treatment programs. A major component of the Capstone project is for you to be able to choose the information from your analyses that best conveys results and implications, and to tell a compelling story with this information. By the end of the course, you will have a professional quality report of your findings that can be shown to colleagues and potential employers to demonstrate the skills you learned by completing the Specialization.

数据分析和解释Capstone:通过Capstone项目,您可以继续应用和完善从本专业以前的课程中学到的数据分析技术,以解决社会中的重要问题。您将使用实际数据与我们的行业和学术合作伙伴一起完成一个项目。例如,您可以与我们的行业合作伙伴DRIVENDATA合作,以帮助他们解决一些全球最大的社会挑战! www.drivendata.org上的DRIVENDATA致力于将数据科学和众包的前沿实践带给世界上一些最大的社会挑战以及接受挑战的组织。 或者,您可以与我们的其他行业合作伙伴The Connection(合作,以帮助他们更好地了解正在假释中寻求药物使用治疗的人们的再犯风险。 40多年来,The Connection已成为康涅狄格州领先的私人,非盈利人类服务和社区发展机构之一。每个月,The Connection的各种行为健康,家庭支持和社区司法计划都会为成千上万人提供帮助。该机构的创新实践研究所成立于2010年,旨在弥合行为健康和刑事司法领域的研究人员和从业人员之间的鸿沟,其目标是制定最大程度的有效的循证治疗方案。 Capstone项目的主要组成部分是使您能够从分析中选择最能传达结果和含义的信息,并用这些信息讲述一个引人入胜的故事。在课程结束时,您将获得一份关于您发现的专业质量报告,该报告可以显示给同事和潜在雇主,以证明您通过完成专业化学习到的技能。


In this Module, your goal is to review the lectures and readings in the Overview of the Capstone Project, and 1) decide which data set you will use to complete your capstone project. In addition 2) identify your research question, 3) propose a title for your final report, and 4) complete Milestone Assignment 1 as described in the assignment. By the end of this Module you will have drafted a final report Title and Introduction to the Research Question. Your Introduction to the Research Question should include a statement of your research question, your motivation or rationale for testing the research question, and some potential implications of answering your research question.



The Capstone project will allow you to continue to apply and refine the data analytic techniques lea