Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

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To really understand what is special about Bitcoin, we need to understand how it works at a technical level. We’ll address the important questions about Bitcoin, such as: How does Bitcoin work? What makes Bitcoin different? How secure are your Bitcoins? How anonymous are Bitcoin users? What determines the price of Bitcoins? Can cryptocurrencies be regulated? What might the future hold? After this course, you’ll know everything you need to be able to separate fact from fiction when reading claims about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You’ll have the conceptual foundations you need to engineer secure software that interacts with the Bitcoin network. And you’ll be able to integrate ideas from Bitcoin in your own projects. Course Lecturers: Arvind Narayanan, Princeton University All the features of this course are available for free. It does not offer a certificate upon completion.

比特币和加密货币技术:要真正了解比特币的特殊之处,我们需要了解其在技术层面上的工作方式。我们将解决有关比特币的重要问题,例如: 比特币如何运作?是什么让比特币与众不同?您的比特币有多安全?比特币用户有多匿名?什么决定了比特币的价格?可以对加密货币进行监管吗?未来会怎样? 学习完本课程后,您将了解在阅读有关比特币和其他加密货币的声明时能够将事实与虚构分开的一切。您将拥有设计与比特币网络交互的安全软件所需的概念基础。而且您将能够将比特币的想法整合到您自己的项目中。 课程讲师: 普林斯顿大学Arvind Narayanan 本课程的所有功能均免费提供。完成后不提供证书。



Coursera 的比特币和数字货币技术课程:Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies ,该课程早在2015年就由普林斯顿大学在Coursera上授课:There’s a lot of excitement about Bitcoin, but also a lot of confusion about what Bitcoin is and how it works. We’re offering this course focusing on the computer science behind Bitcoin to help cut through the hype and get to the core of what makes Bitcoin unique.


比特币和数字货币技术 比特币 数字货币 加密