Advanced Algorithms and Complexity

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You've learned the basic algorithms now and are ready to step into the area of more complex problems and algorithms to solve them. Advanced algorithms build upon basic ones and use new ideas. We will start with networks flows which are used in more typical applications such as optimal matchings, finding disjoint paths and flight scheduling as well as more surprising ones like image segmentation in computer vision. We then proceed to linear programming with applications in optimizing budget allocation, portfolio optimization, finding the cheapest diet satisfying all requirements and many others. Next we discuss inherently hard problems for which no exact good solutions are known (and not likely to be found) and how to solve them in practice. We finish with a soft introduction to streaming algorithms that are heavily used in Big Data processing. Such algorithms are usually designed to be able to process huge datasets without being able even to store a dataset. Do you have technical problems? Write to us:

高级算法和复杂性:您现在已经学习了基本算法,并准备进入更复杂的问题和解决这些问题的算法领域。先进的算法建立在基本算法之上,并使用了新的思路。我们将从网络流开始,这些流将用于更典型的应用程序中,例如最佳匹配,查找不相交的路径和飞行计划以及更令人惊讶的应用程序,例如计算机视觉中的图像分割。然后,我们将进行线性规划,并在优化预算分配,投资组合优化,找到满足所有要求以及其他许多要求的最便宜饮食方面进行应用。接下来,我们讨论固有的难题,这些难题没有确切的好解决方案被知道(也不太可能找到),以及如何在实践中解决它们。最后,我们对在大数据处理中大量使用的流算法进行了简要的介绍。通常将此类算法设计为能够处理庞大的数据集,甚至无法存储数据集。 你有技术上的问题吗?写信给我们


Network flows show up in many real world situations in which a good needs to be transported across a network with limited capacity. You can see it when shipping goods across highways and routing packets across the internet. In this unit, we will discuss the mathematical underpinnings of network flows and some important flow algorithms. We will also give some surprising examples on seemingly unrelated problems that can be solved with our knowledge of network flows.



You've learned the basic algorithms now and are ready to step into the area of more complex problems


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