3D Models for Virtual Reality

开始时间: 04/22/2022 持续时间: Unknown

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This course will begin your journey to creating Virtual Reality experiences. A Virtual Reality experience is a new world that you step into and are entirely immersed in. Creating a VR experience means creating that world and all the objects in it. In this course you will learn the basics of 3D graphics: how we create objects and how to lay them out to create an environment. You will learn techniques like materials and texturing that make your objects appear realistic. You will also learn about audio techniques to ensure that your experiences sound great as well as looking great. In all of these topics we will pay attention to the particular requirements of Virtual Reality, including pitfalls and performance issues: making sure your environment runs fast enough in VR. You will learn all of this using the professional game and VR engine, Unity3D. Unity is one of the most used game engine and is a relatively easy, but fully featured, introduction to 3D development. The course will culminate in a project in which you will create your own VR scene. VR development is something you can only learn by doing it yourself, so working on your project will be the best way to learn.

虚拟现实的3D模型:本课程将开始您创建虚拟现实体验的旅程。虚拟现实体验是您进入并完全融入的新世界。创建VR体验意味着创建该世界及其中的所有对象。 在本课程中,您将学习3D图形的基础知识:我们如何创建对象以及如何布置它们以创建环境。您将学习使材料看起来逼真的材料和纹理等技术。您还将学习音频技术,以确保您的体验听起来不错,看起来也很棒。在所有这些主题中,我们将关注虚拟现实的特殊要求,包括陷阱和性能问题:确保您的环境在VR中足够快地运行。 您将使用专业游戏和VR引擎Unity3D学习所有这些内容。 Unity是最常用的游戏引擎之一,是相对简单但功能齐全的3D开发入门。 该课程将在一个项目中达到顶峰,您将在其中创建自己的VR场景。 VR开发是您只能自己做才能学到的东西,因此在项目上进行工作将是最好的学习方法。


In this final week of the course, we will put together everything we have learned to think about how to create compelling VR worlds. We will start by looking behind the scenes at how 3D graphics hardware works and why VR can be so demanding of computing power. Then we will think about the particular requirements of content creation for VR. You will finish by submitting the final version of your project for a peer review.



This course will begin your journey to creating Virtual Reality experiences. A Virtual Reality exper