Health Informatics in the Cloud

开始时间: 04/22/2022 持续时间: Unknown

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课程类别: 健康与社会

大学或机构: Georgia Institute of Technology(佐治亚理工学院)

授课老师: Anonymous1 Mark L. Braunstein



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This course is intended to help even non-technically trained students gain basic proficiency in health informatics: the application of computing to healthcare delivery, public health and community-based clinical research. This is distinct from the related field of bioinformatics, which explores the role of computing in understanding the genomic and proteomic processes within cells. Weeks 1-2 cover the US healthcare delivery system's unique structural, economic and policy issues and how they create a potentially strategic role for health informatics. Week 3-5 explains at a high level the core technologies involved in contemporary health informatics. Weeks 6-9 explore how these technologies are being deployed using some of the best commercial and open source products as examples. Week 10 presents the instructor’s personal speculation about the future of the field. There are reading assignments for each week. As the course progresses, students can, optionally, also read the appropriate chapters of the instructor’s text, Health Informatics in the Cloud.



A non-technical introduction to the contemporary application of computing to healthcare delivery, public health and community-based clinical research.


健康 健康信息 云计算 健康云 云端的健康信息



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