Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy

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课程类别: 法律

大学或机构: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill(北卡罗莱纳大学教堂山分校)

授课老师: Don Hornstein


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This course introduces the major substantive themes in environmental law and gives students insight and experience with critical thinking about these themes.  Students will demonstrate mastery by learning how past environmental disputes have been resolved, and by applying insights and critical-thinking skills from past disputes to predicting how future ones might be addressed, including future disputes involving climate change.


Possible topics to be covered:

  • How courts approach “nuisances,” including environmental nuisances
  • How courts, and administrative bodies, approach water rights
  • How environmental protection and protection of property rights mix
  • How  the law approaches commons management
  • How environmental law and individual liberty interact
  • How the law approaches issues of environmental justice
  • How environmental law approaches questions of risk and causation
  • How local, national, and international environmental law interact



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Interested in learning about how the law analyzes issues and resolves disputes involving pollution, natural resources, endangered species, environmental justice, and sustainable development? Professor Hornstein will guide you through these issues, and more, in this course.


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