English Common Law: Structure and Principles

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大学或机构: University of London International Programmes(伦敦大学国际课程)

授课老师: Hazel Genn

课程主页: https://www.coursera.org/course/engcomlaw


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This course is designed as an introduction to English Common Law and will give students a broad understanding of the characteristics and functions of the English Legal System. Students will gain knowledge of the sources of English law, the system of courts and tribunals in England and Wales and the legal profession and judiciary. Students will be introduced to the principles of legal research and identification of sources of law. 


Unit One: Introduction to Sources of Law
Unit Two: The Hieracrchy of the Courts and Common Law and Equity
Unit Three: Legislation and Parliamentary Sovereignty
Unit Four: Judicial Precedent and the role of Judges
Unit Five: Statutory Interpretation
Unit Six: European Union and Human Rights



For students or professionals who have an interest in learning about the development and application of the law in a common law jurisdiction.


法律 英美法律 英美法系 普通法系



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