Database Management Essentials

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Database Management Essentials provides the foundation you need for a career in database development, data warehousing, or business intelligence, as well as for the entire Data Warehousing for Business Intelligence specialization. In this course, you will create relational databases, write SQL statements to extract information to satisfy business reporting requests, create entity relationship diagrams (ERDs) to design databases, and analyze table designs for excessive redundancy. As you develop these skills, you will use either Oracle or MySQL to execute SQL statements and a database diagramming tool such as the ER Assistant or Visual Paradigm to create ERDs. We’ve designed this course to ensure a common foundation for specialization learners. Everyone taking the course can jump right in with writing SQL statements in Oracle or MySQL.

数据库管理基础知识:数据库管理基础知识为您从事数据库开发,数据仓库或商业智能以及整个数据仓库商业智能专业化所需的基础。在本课程中,您将创建关系数据库,编写SQL语句以提取信息以满足业务报告请求,创建实体关系图(ERD)来设计数据库,并分析表设计是否存在过多的冗余。在开发这些技能时,您将使用Oracle或MySQL执行SQL语句,并使用诸如ER Assistant或Visual Paradigm之类的数据库图表工具来创建ERD。我们设计该课程的目的是确保为专业学习者提供共同的基础。参加该课程的每个人都可以立即使用Oracle或MySQL编写SQL语句。


Module 1 provides the context for Database Management Essentials. When you’re done, you’ll understand the objectives for the course and know what topics and assignments to expect. Keeping these course objectives in mind will help you succeed throughout the course! You should read about the database software requirements in the last lesson of module 1. I recommend that you try to install the DBMS software this week before assignments begin in week 2.



Database Management Essentials provides the foundation you need for a career in database development