Cloud Computing Concepts, Part 1

开始时间: 08/01/2020 持续时间: Unknown

所在平台: Coursera

课程类别: 其他类别

大学或机构: CourseraNew



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Cloud computing systems today, whether open-source or used inside companies, are built using a common set of core techniques, algorithms, and design philosophies – all centered around distributed systems. Learn about such fundamental distributed computing "concepts" for cloud computing. Some of these concepts include: clouds, MapReduce, key-value/NoSQL stores, classical distributed algorithms, widely-used distributed algorithms, scalability, trending areas, and much, much more! Know how these systems work from the inside out. Get your hands dirty using these concepts with provided homework exercises. In the programming assignments, implement some of these concepts in template code (programs) provided in the C++ programming language. Prior experience with C++ is required. The course also features interviews with leading researchers and managers, from both industry and academia.

云计算概念,第1部分:当今的云计算系统,无论是开源的还是在公司内部使用的,都是使用一组常见的核心技术,算法和设计理念构建的-所有这些都围绕分布式系统。了解有关云计算的基本分布式计算“概念”。   其中一些概念包括:云,MapReduce,键值/ NoSQL存储,经典的分布式算法,广泛使用的分布式算法,可伸缩性,趋势区域等等!   从内而外了解这些系统如何工作。使用提供的家庭作业练习中的这些概念,会弄脏您的手。在编程任务中,以C ++编程语言提供的模板代码(程序)实现其中一些概念。需要具有C ++的经验。   该课程还包括来自行业和学术界的领先研究人员和管理人员的访谈。


This course is oriented towards learners with similar backgrounds as juniors and seniors in a CS undergraduate curriculum. Since learners come from various backgrounds, it is critical you view this lecture AND pass the prerequisite test. This will ensure you have many of the assumed prerequisite pieces of knowledge required to enjoy this course.



Cloud computing systems today, whether open-source or used inside companies, are built using a commo