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By the end of this class you will understand key concepts needed to devise new algorithms for graphs and other important data structures and to evaluate the efficiency of these algorithms.

Lesson 1: A Social Network Magic Trick
Becoming familiar with algorithm analysis

Lesson 2: Growth Rates in Social Networks
Using mathematical tools to analyze how things are connected

Lesson 3: Basic Graph Algorithms
Finding the quickest route to Kevin Bacon

Lesson 4: It’s Who You Know
Keeping track of your best friends using heaps

Lesson 5: Strong and Weak Bonds
Working with social networks with edge weights.

Lesson 6: Hardness of Network Problems
Exploring what it means for a social network problem to be harder than other.

Lesson 7: Conclusion



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Ever played the Kevin Bacon game? This class will show you how it works by giving you an introduction to the design and analysis of algorithms, enabling you to discover how individuals are connected.


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