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Task-based Language Teaching with Digital Tools (Canvas) 0 个评论 关注

开始时间: 08/18/2013 持续时间: 6 weeks


简介: In this course we will explore more than 300 digital tools used to teach English as a second or foreign language. After an introduction to task-based learning, participants will have the opportunity to evaluate a wealth of Web-based and non Web-based digital tools, design digital tasks, explore authentic assessment tasks, and develop task-based lesson plans and a digital task-based syllabus. Due to the collaborative nature of this course, participants will be expected to contribute to the list of digital tools discussed throughout the course. By the end of the course, students will be highly aware of the wide range of digital tools available and will have a deep resource bank of digital-tasks to choose from when developing task-based lessons within their own language courses. Students should be interested in implementing task-based language teaching and digital tools in their language classrooms.