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Stewart委曲求全学了计算机 的课程评论


Stewart委曲求全学了计算机 关注的课程

人群与网络 People & Networks (Coursera) 0 个评论 关注

开始时间: 10/20/2013 持续时间: 15 weeks


简介: 学习运用计算思维分析社会学、经济学问题的方法,加深对某些生活现象的理解,体会计算与社会科学的互动。 Learn to analyze and reason about problems in social sciences with computational thinking, appreciate interactions between computing and social sciences, as well as gain deeper understanding of some common phenomena in life and society

Introduction to Recommender Systems (Coursera) 3 个评论 关注

开始时间: 待定 持续时间: Unknown


简介: This course introduces the concepts, applications, algorithms, programming, and design of recommender systems--software systems that recommend products or information, often based on extensive personalization. Learn how web merchants such as personalize product suggestions and how to apply the same techniques in your own systems!

Machine Learning (Coursera) 28 个评论 关注

开始时间: 待定 持续时间: Unknown


简介: Learn about the most effective machine learning techniques, and gain practice implementing them and getting them to work for yourself.

Data Analysis (Coursera) 2 个评论 关注

开始时间: 10/28/2013 持续时间: 8 weeks


简介: Learn about the most effective data analysis methods to solve problems and achieve insight.