Rails for Zombies 2

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所在平台: Code School

课程类别: 计算机科学

大学或机构: codeschool


课程主页: http://www.codeschool.com/courses/rails-for-zombies-2

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Level 1
From the Ground Up
1 Video - 12 Challenges
Installing Rails, creating a Rails app, database migrations, the command line, Ruby 1.9 hash syntax, Bundler, database configuration
Level 2
Models Still Taste Like Chicken
1 Video - 10 Challenges
Named scopes, callbacks, has_one, relationship options, using Includes, has_many :through
Level 3
REST in Pieces
1 Video - 12 Challenges
Revisiting URL helpers, forms & input helpers, understanding REST, nested resources, view partials, other view helpers
Level 4
Asset Packaging and Mailing
1 Video - 8 Challenges
Sending attachments in mail, asset tags, using the Asset Pipeline, CoffeeScript, creating and sending mail, SCSS, using the JavaScript manifest
Level 5
Rendering Extremities
1 Video - 10 Challenges
Custom RESTful routes, creating AJAX links, rendering custom JSON, AJAXified forms, controller rendering options, sending server JavaScript, using JSON data





Experience the sequel to the infamous Rails for Zombies.