How Music Works

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所在平台: Coursera

课程类别: 音乐,电影与音频

大学或机构: University of Florida(佛罗里达大学)



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Designed as a course for all students, regardless of background, “How Music Works” is appropriate for anyone with a love of music and a curiosity about how it functions.  Prior experience with music is welcome but not required, and music reading ability is not needed in order to participate.  Topics covered include: rudiments of musical notation and analysis, psychoacoustics, meaning in music, and the interaction of the basic building blocks of sonic art such as rhythm, melody, and harmony.  Activities include examinations of musical examples from a variety of cultures and time periods, in-class music making, and readings that address the techniques of musical creation and the power and importance that music has in all human societies.





How Music Works is an exploration of the mechanics of musical composition and expression, examining the internal workings of music to uncover how and why music impacts the human psyche.




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