Business Leadership Capstone Assessment

开始时间: 09/17/2018 持续时间: 3 weeks

所在平台: edX

课程类别: 其他类别

大学或机构: uqx

授课老师: Terrance Fitzsimmons Tyler G. Okimoto Richard O’Quinn Bernard McKenna



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After completing the four courses in the Business Leadership MicroMasters program, learners are encouraged to complete the Capstone Assessment to earn the MicroMasters credential from UQx.

This capstone offers learners the opportunity to bring their learnings together and exhibit their knowledge and growth as a leader. The capstone includes three activities that can be completed at your own pace. First, there is a traditional knowledge test derived from the questions already posed following each MicroMasters topic. Second, drawing on their self-insights from the course, learners express their ongoing leadership development in a short reflective essay. Third, learners explain their leadership development in a video presentation to the course facilitators/staff. Once all three pieces of assessment are successfully completed, learners will earn the Business Leadership MicroMasters Certificate.

This course is only open to learners who have successfully completed all four courses in the Business Leadership MicroMasters program.


  • Take the opportunity to apply your learnings about business leadership to your own personal experiences.
  • Exhibit the breadth and depth of your cumulative knowledge about leadership theory and practice.
  • Reflect on your own leadership experiences and make a plan for ongoing leader development.





Apply your leadership skills through a series of in-depth assessments and earn your completed MicroMasters Credential.