Leading in the Digital Age

开始时间: 04/17/2018 持续时间: 6 weeks

所在平台: edX

课程类别: 其他类别

大学或机构: BUx

授课老师: Lloyd Baird Kristen J. McCormack Darrell Griffin


课程主页: https://www.edx.org/course/leading-digital-age-bux-qd502x-0

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Gain the leadership skills highly valued and needed to perform in the digital age with practical tools to use in real time, using workplace challenges you are currently experiencing.

This course, part of the Digital Leadership MicroMasters program, begins with a focus on the trends of the digital age and how they shape your industry, your organization and your career no matter what job or sector you work. We then focus on the capabilities needed to both successfully grow your own career and effectively lead individuals, teams and organizations.

Using current workplace challenges you will learn how to work within the digital age: developing unique skills to execute and innovate, build trust, lead virtual teams, collaborate, negotiate and managing conflict, adapt and learn from experience, and drive continuous change. 

You will learn about and practice skills such as:

  • leveraging a network of relationships;
  • using conflict to drive creativity;
  • working across boundaries;
  • coming to a common core purpose across competing agendas and metrics;
  • leading change through experimentation and implementation.

No previous courses in leadership or organization behavior are required. We will begin the journey from where you are and will use innovative cases, assessments, simulations, etc.  Leadership is fun and so is the process we use to advance your capabilities. 


  • Lead and Manage yourself and others in the fast changing, chaotic digital age
  • Build and maintain critical relationships
  • Build, manage, lead and influence virtual teams
  • Manage ‘up, down and across’
  • Negotiate and collaborate
  • Influence and lead change efforts regardless of the position you hold
  • How to get things done (execute) and innovate (experiment) at the same time
  • Develop a personal leadership improvement plan





Develop your ability to lead, innovate, negotiate and manage in a fast moving digital economy.