Learn to Program Using Python

开始时间: 待定 持续时间: 9 weeks

所在平台: edX

课程类别: 其他类别

大学或机构: UTArlingtonX

授课老师: Farhad Kamangar


课程主页: https://www.edx.org/course/learn-program-using-python-utarlingtonx-cse1309x

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Interested in learning a computer programming language but unsure of how and where to begin? This course, Learn to Program Using Python, is a great place to start.

Python is an easy and fun language to learn, and it is now one of the most popular programming languages, suitable for almost any task from developing graphical user interfaces to building web applications.

This course is an introduction to the Python programming language. This course is open to all learners who wish to gain an understanding of the basic components of computer programming. You will learn basic computer programming concepts and terminologies such as variables, constants, operators, expressions, conditional statements, loops, and functions. This Python course includes hands-on exercises to help you understand the components of Python programming while incrementally developing more significant programs. The exercises in this course will be based on small assignments which will relate to real-world problems.

No previous programming knowledge needed.


Upon completing this course you will be able to:

  • Get user-input data and manipulate it using Python.
  • Implement basic Python structures such as if statements, loops, and functions.
  • Read and write external data files using Python.
  • Implement functions and call built-in Python functions.
  • Import and use library function modules from the Python library.
  • Debug an entire program and handle errors in Python.


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Hands on introduction to the Python programming language