Interprofessional Healthcare Informatics

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所在平台: Coursera

课程类别: 信息,技术与设计

大学或机构: University of Minnesota(美国明尼苏达大学)

授课老师: Karen Monsen



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Interprofessional health care informatics is a graduate-level, hands-on interactive exploration of real informatics tools and techniques. We will be incorporating  technology-enabled educational innovations to bring the subject matter to life. Over the 10 weeks that we study together, we will create a vital online learning community and a working healthcare informatics network.

We will explore perspectives of clinicians like dentists, physical therapists, nurses, and physicians in all sorts of practice settings worldwide. Emerging technologies, telehealth, gaming, simulations, and eScience are just some of the topics that we will consider.

Throughout the course, we’ll focus on creativity, controversy, and collaboration - as we collectively imagine and create the future within the rapidly evolving healthcare informatics milieu. All healthcare professionals and IT geeks are welcome!


Week 1: Information Theory: Why does theory matter?

  • Explain the relationship between knowledge acquisition, processing, generation, dissemination, and wisdom.  
Week 2: Practice Perspectives - Hearing Voices!
  • Explore and apply standardized terminologies to professional practice.
Week 3: Electronic Health Record (EHR) Components, Evidence-Based Practice
  • Link EHR use to evidence-based practice and quality measurement.
Week 4: Workflow Analysis/ Re-design
  • Examine principles of workflow analysis and redesign techniques.
Week 5: Telehealth/ Consumers/ Mobile Technology
  • Apply methods of engaging consumers in using health information technologies.
Week 6: Community/ Population Health
  • Relate informatics to community and population health.  
Week 7: Education/ Gaming
  • Assess gaming, simulation, and virtual reality tools for educating health care professionals.
Week 8: Ethics/ Hearing Voices
  • Explore ethical issues related to health care informatics in the interprofessional context.
Week 9: Informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge
  • Explore the contribution of health care informatics to the foundation of knowledge in health care.
Week 10: Synthesis/ Conclusion
  • Examine results, compare learning outcomes, and extend networks.


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This course examines the implications of informatics for practice, in nursing, public health, and healthcare in general. It covers electronic health record issues and relates ethical, legislative and political issues to health informatics. Students will also explore global and future informatics issues.





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