Law and the Entrepreneur

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所在平台: Coursera

课程类别: 商业与管理学

大学或机构: Northwestern University(美国西北大学)

授课老师: Esther Barron Steve Reed



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Are you a passionate entrepreneur with a new business idea, but feeling intimidated by the law?  Or perhaps you are a lawyer or aspiring lawyer looking to break into the exciting world of start-ups?  This course addresses the legal aspects of entrepreneurship, and is appropriate both for entrepreneurs and lawyers who hope to represent entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs face many challenges as they pursue a new business idea.  With the right legal tools, they can take steps that provide significant legal protections and avoid future liability.  Among other subjects, the course will cover American law on choice of entity (corporation, limited liability company, partnership, sole proprietorship), selection of a company name and trademark, protecting intellectual property of the business with patent, trade secret, trademark and copyright law, structuring agreements among owners, venture capital and other equity and debt financing arrangements, risk management, and the relationship between attorneys and entrepreneurs. In addition to discussing applicable legal rules, the course will focus on practical steps entrepreneurs and their lawyers can take to build and protect a new venture.  The goal of the course will be for students to have a better understanding of practical ways they can protect a new venture and spot potential issues from a business-legal perspective.


Week One

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship Law
  • The Personality of the Entrepreneur
  • Leaving an Employer to Start a Business

Week Two

  • Choosing and Forming an Entity
  • Agreements Among Owners

Week Three

  • Intellectual Property: trademark, copyright, patent, trade secret, and nondisclosure agreements

Week Four

  • Selling Equity and Investors

Week Five

  • Debt financing

Week Six

  • Conducting Business Online

Week Seven

  • Hiring Workers and Employment Law

Week Eight

  • Risk Management
  • Exit Strategies



This course will highlight the critical legal and business issues entrepreneurs face as they build and launch a new venture. We will explore real world scenarios, and address the legal and business issues that entrepreneurs face, from the moment they conceive of the "million dollar idea" to all of the important junctures along the path to success.


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