ICT in Primary Education

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所在平台: Coursera

课程类别: 教育

大学或机构: University of London International Programmes(伦敦大学国际课程)

授课老师: Diana Laurillard


课程主页: https://www.coursera.org/course/ictinprimary

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Teachers and policymakers working in all sectors of education now recognise the importance and value of technology for learning and teaching. The Institute of Education, University of London (IOE) and the UNESCO Institute for IT in Education (IITE) are collaborating to run this professional development course for teachers, head-teachers and policymakers working in the Primary Education sector.

The course is part of IITE’s role to support and promote an active community of practitioners and policymakers in the use of digital technologies for learning and teaching.

It is also linked to the IOE’s mission to promote excellence in education and professional practice through advancing knowledge and understanding. 

The resources for the course are derived from teachers’ Primary practice in different countries. The UNESCO IITE funded an international project to collect practices, experiences, policies, cases and data from several countries in different parts of the world. The outcome is two volumes summarising the findings. The basis of the course is therefore not a particular theoretical approach, but a collection of good and interesting experiences and exemplars of ICT in primary education from across the world. What unites all the authors and teachers involved in the project is our conviction that ICT, used well, by good teachers, alongside other methods, can enable every child to achieve their learning potential.


  • The 21st Century Primary School
  • How does ICT make a difference?
  • Pedagogical changes achievable through ICT
  • Technology opportunities
  • How to overcome the challenges of ICT in primary education
  • Making ICT work

Learning Outcomes

The intended learning outcomes are:

  1. The primary school teaching community to be able to contribute to the integration of a range of effective ICT-based practices and pedagogies.
  2. School leaders to be able to develop, improve, and share the strategies and mechanisms that optimise the development of ICT-based teaching and learning in their school.
  3. Policymakers and schools-related stakeholders, agencies and companies to be able to support head teachers and specialist staff in developing pedagogy-led and problem-led uses of ICT.


  • Professor Diana Laurillard (Institute of Education, University of London, UK)
  • Professor Ivan Kalaš (Slovak Republic)
  • Dr Ernesto Laval (Chile)
  • Professor Cher Ping Lim (Hong Kong)
  • Professor Florian Meyer (Canada)
  • Professor Alain Senteni (UAE)
  • Professor Márta Turcsányi-Szabó (Hungary)
  • Natalia Tokareva (Russian Federation)


Lynn Roberts, Tim Neumann, Paul Thompson
(all Institute of Education, University of London, UK)


Deep Learning Specialization on Coursera


Why and how are teachers integrating ICT (Information and Communication Technology) into primary education? Here we analyse examples from schools in different parts of the world, and bring professionals together to share their best ideas and inspiring stories.