Global Health: Interdisciplinary Overview

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所在平台: Coursera

课程类别: 医学

大学或机构: University of Geneva(日内瓦大学)

授课老师: Slim Slama Louis Loutan Samantha Battams Didier Wernli Rafael Ruiz De Castaneda Antoine Geissbuhler



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Course instructors: Prof. Antoine Geissbuhler, MD and Prof. Louis Loutan, MD
Course director: Dr Samantha Battams, PhD
Course coordinators: Dr Slim Slama, MD and Dr Didier Wernli
Course assistant: Dr Rafael Ruiz De Castaneda, PhD

In our globalizing world, Infectious diseases travel quickly and widely across countries, so do the large determinants of chronic diseases resulting in a growing burden in developed but also developing countries. Issues in traditionally non health sector such as Climate change or trade governance can have dramatic and worldwide effects on health and health systems.

These short examples illustrate what Global health is about:  issues that not only cross national boundaries but also disciplinary territories. In our interdependent world, more and more health issues cannot be addressed by a country nor by a sector alone and require collaboration, coordination and integration.


Week 1: Introduction to Global Health concepts
Week 2: Emerging trends in global health: Infectious diseases
Week 3: Emerging trends in global health: Non-communicable diseases and disability
Week 4: Governance for global health, health systems and financing
Week 5: Foreign policy, trade and health
Week 6: Research, development, innovation and technology for global health
Week 7: The environment, sustainable development and health
Week 8: Overview and Assessment





This course proposes an overview of current global health challenges drawing on the insights of several academic disciplines including medicine, public health, law, economics, social sciences and humanities. This interdisciplinary approach will guide the student into seven critical topics in global health.





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