Principles of Economics for Scientists

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所在平台: Coursera

课程类别: 经济与金融

大学或机构: California Institute of Technology(加州理工学院)



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The impact of economic forces in our lives is sizable and pervasive. For this reason, it is impossible to understand the social and economic forces shaping our lives without a good understanding of basic economic principles. This course provides a quantitative and model-based introduction to such principles, and teaches how to apply them to make sense of a wide range of real world problems. Examples of applications include predicting the impact of technological changes in market prices, calculating the optimal gasoline tax, and measuring the value of new products.

This is a real Caltech class. It will be taught concurrently to Caltech and on-line students. This has two implications. On the costs side: the class is challenging, highly quantitative, and will demand significant effort. On the benefit side: successful completion of the class will provide you with an in-depth understanding of basic economics, and will permanently change the way you see the world.


Week 1. Principles of optimizing behavior.
Week 2. Consumer Theory.
Week 3. Producer Theory.
Week 4. Outcome of competitive markets. 
Week 5. Effects of government intervention in competitive markets: taxes and regulation. 
Week 6. Imperfect competition 1: monopolistic markets.
Week 7. Imperfect competition 2: oligopoly and monopolistic competition.
Week 8. Externalities with and without government intervention.
Week 9. Markets with asymmetric information.



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大学的时候econ 101挂科了,怀着忐忑的心情开始这门课。很喜欢上来就用calculus来解释现象。第四周讲到competitive market equilibrium开始变难。作业有时候意思不明确,不得不去论坛里面看clarification。适合初学者。


课程图谱 2013-06-01 08:56 0 票支持; 0 票反对

来自微博朋友 @FannixMeng的评论 -- "Principles of Economics for Scientists": 学这门课是被它的名字吸引,一直打算学些经济学,但每每看到砖头般厚的教材就感到泄气。这门课讲微观经济学,教师是一个长得像让雷诺的西班牙老头,没有PPT,每节课都是手写板书,虽略显简陋,但能让人跟随教师的思路去思考,有助于加深理解。




Quantitative and model-based introduction to basic ideas in economics, and applications to a wide range of real world problems.


经济 经济学 微观经济学 经济学原理 加州理工学院



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