Computer Architecture

开始时间: 09/20/2014 持续时间: 11 weeks

所在平台: Coursera

课程类别: 计算机科学

大学或机构: Princeton University(普林斯顿大学)

授课老师: David Wentzlaff



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This course forms a strong foundation in the understanding and design of modern computing systems. Building on a computer organization base, this course explores techniques that go into designing a modern microprocessor. Fundamental understanding of computer architecture is key not only for students interested in hardware and processor design, but is a foundation for students interested in compilers, operating systems, and high performance programming. This course will explore how the computer architect can utilize the increasing number of transistors available to improve the performance of a processor. Focus will be given to architectures that can exploit different forms of parallelism, whether they be implicit or explicit. This course covers architectural techniques such as multi-issue superscalar processors, out-of-order processors, Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW) processors, advanced caching, and multiprocessor systems.


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In this course, you will learn to design the computer architecture of complex modern microprocessors.


计算机体系结构 计算机体系机构入门 计算机科学 普林斯顿大学 体系机构 计算机基础



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