Web Intelligence and Big Data

开始时间: 04/20/2014 持续时间: 9 weeks

所在平台: Coursera

课程类别: 计算机科学

大学或机构: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi(印度德里理工学院)

授课老师: Gautam Shroff


课程主页: https://www.coursera.org/course/bigdata

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The past decade has witnessed the successful of application of many AI techniques used at `web-scale’, on what are popularly referred to as big data platforms based on the map-reduce parallel computing paradigm and associated technologies such as distributed file systems, no-SQL databases and stream computing engines. Online advertising, machine translation, natural language understanding, sentiment mining, personalized medicine, and national security are some examples of such AI-based web-intelligence applications that are already in the public eye. Others, though less apparent, impact the operations of large enterprises from sales and marketing to manufacturing and supply chains. In this course we explore some such applications, the AI/statistical techniques that make them possible, along with parallel implementations using map-reduce and related platforms.


Introduction and Overview 
Look: Search, Indexing and Memory
Listen: Streams, Information and Language, Analyzing Sentiment and Intent
Load: Databases and their Evolution, Big data Technology and Trends
Programming: Map-Reduce
Learn: Classification, Clustering, and Mining, Information Extraction
Connect: Reasoning: Logic and its Limits, Dealing with Uncertainty
Programming: Bayesian Inference for Medical Diagnostics
Predict: Forecasting, Neural Models, Deep Learning, and Research Topics
Data Analysis: Regression and Feature Selection



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这是我非常不喜欢的课程之一,老师的口音倒是还好,但是语速巨慢无比我调到x2还是有时候觉得太慢,而且quiz经常题有错(第二遍run倒是应该fix了),当时提供的本地mapreduce的python script也是慢的要死,我跑了半天都没完忍无可忍直接没用mapreduce瞬间就跑完了。。。而且期末考试就寥寥几道题错一个就十分影响分数。。。不过主要是课程形式上的吐槽,内容基本上是可以容忍的

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This course is about building 'web-intelligence' applications exploiting big data sources arising social media, mobile devices and sensors, using new big-data platforms based on the 'map-reduce' parallel programming paradigm. During the fall semester this course is offered at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi as well as the Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi.


大数据 map-reduce 并行编程 并行编程模型 印度理工学院 印度理工学院德里分校



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