Supply Chain Analytics Essentials

开始时间: 03/16/2019 持续时间: Unknown

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Welcome to Supply Chain Analytics - an exciting and emerging area that is in high demand! In this introductory course to Supply Chain Analytics, I will take you on a journey to this fascinating area of Supply chain analytics where supply chain management meets data analytics. You will learn real life stories and examples on how analytics can apply to various domains of a supply chain to generate a significant social and / or economic impact. You will also learn about job market trend, job requirement and preparation. Lastly, you will master a data analysis technique to assess the efficiency of a supply chain. Supply Chain Analytics is a relatively new and fast developing area. Thus this course is by no mean exhaustive nor should you expect to be an expert upon completion. My goal of this course is to open the eyes of the learners to the impact of Supply Chain Analytics, and hopefully this will encourage you to learn more. Upon completing this course, you will 1. Understand why analytics is critical to today’s supply chains 2. See the pain points of a supply chain and how analytics can be applied to address them 3. Understand the requirement of supply chain analytics jobs, and how to prepare for them 4. Assess a company’s overall supply chain efficiency quantitatively I hope you enjoy the course!


Welcome to the exciting world of supply chain analytics! This module introduces you to the professor who is teaching this course. You will learn real life examples on how supply chain management can help a company to achieve a long-term competitive advantage. You will also understand the challenges of managing a supply chain and why analytics is critical to supply chain management.





Welcome to Supply Chain Analytics - an exciting and emerging area that is in high demand! In this