Sports Marketing

开始时间: 01/12/2019 持续时间: Unknown

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Whether you are passionate about sports and interested in starting a career in sports marketing, or are looking to upgrade your marketing toolkit or your job with new experiences, this course will have you covered. In this MOOC, we will focus on the business side of sports while highlighting vital marketing concepts through the lens of sports and entertainment. Sports marketing is nuanced, covering areas such as ticket pricing strategies for losing teams and how soft drink, sneaker, and apparel providers use athletes to reach their audience. Learners will investigate how companies use sports to enhance brands. They will also explore a wide range of topics that cover aspects of marketing applicable to a number of fields and brands, including service and product marketing, promotion, event marketing, and sponsorship. A great deal of focus will be given to sports communication. Learners will not only hone traditional skills such as press release writing but also delve into aspects of celebrity, social media, and crisis communication in sports. By the end of this MOOC, learners will have gained significant knowledge in the wide world of sports marketing, building on foundational tools while growing their own loyalty plans and sports insights along the way.


Welcome to the first module of Sports Marketing. This course showcases sports-specific marketing strategies and trends. In subsequent modules, we will discuss how sports marketing is both similar and different from other kinds of marketing, but to start our course, we’ll provide a broad overview of the differing aspects of sports marketing and will also break down the components of sports marketing as a concept.





Whether you are passionate about sports and interested in starting a career in sports marketing, or