UI / UX Design Specialization

开始时间: 10/13/2018 持续时间: Unknown

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课程主页: https://www.coursera.org/specializations/ui-ux-design

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4 courses

Visual Elements of User Interface Design

This design-centric course examines the broad question of what an interface is and what role a designer plays in creating a user interface. Learning how to design and articulate meaning using color, type, and imagery is essential to making in

UX Design Fundamentals

This is the second course in the UI/UX Design Specialization, following Visual Elements of User Interface Design. This hands-on course examines how content is organized and structured to create an experience for a user, and what role the designer

Web Design: Strategy and Information Architecture

This is the first course in a two-course workshop, in which you will deeply explore and practice every phase of the user experience process. While the concepts covered will translate to many kinds of interactive media (apps, digital kiosks, games), our

Web Design: Wireframes to Prototypes

This course is focused on the application of the early UX research to actual user interfaces: the creation of wireframes, high-fidelity mockups, and clickable prototypes. Along the way we will also discuss: - Responsive web design and mo


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UI / UX Design Specialization-Design High-Impact User Experiences. Research, design, and prototype effective, visually-driven websites and apps.