Python 3 Programming Specialization

开始时间: 08/08/2020 持续时间: Unknown

所在平台: Coursera专项课程

课程类别: 计算机科学

大学或机构: CourseraNew



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This specialization teaches the fundamentals of programming in Python 3. We will begin at the beginning, with variables, conditionals, and loops, and get to some intermediate material like keyword parameters, list comprehensions, lambda expressions, and class inheritance. You will have lots of opportunities to practice. You will also learn ways to reason about program execution, so that it is no longer mysterious and you are able to debug programs when they don’t work. By the end of the specialization, you’ll be writing programs that query Internet APIs for data and extract useful information from them. And you’ll be able to learn to use new modules and APIs on your own by reading the documentation. That will give you a great launch toward being an independent Python programmer. This specialization is a good next step for you if you have completed Python for Everybody but want a more in-depth treatment of Python fundamentals and more practice, so that you can proceed with confidence to specializations like Applied Data Science with Python. But it is also appropriate as a first set of courses in Python if you are already familiar with some other programming language, or if you are up for the challenge of diving in head-first.

Python 3编程专业知识:该专业知识教授Python 3编程的基础知识。我们将从变量,条件和循环的开头开始,并获得诸如关键字参数,列表推导,lambda表达式和类继承之类的一些中间材料。 。 您将有很多练习的机会。您还将学习推理程序执行的方法,以使其不再神秘,并且可以在程序不起作用时对其进行调试。 在专业化结束时,您将编写程序来查询Internet API的数据并从中提取有用的信息。阅读文档,您将可以自己学习使用新的模块和API。这将为您成为独立的Python程序员提供一个很好的起点。 如果您已经完成了Python for Everyone,但想要更深入地了解Python基础知识和更多实践,那么对您来说,这是一个不错的下一步,以便您可以放心地进行诸如Python的应用数据科学之类的专业。 但是,如果您已经熟悉其他某种编程语言,或者准备迎接直接学习的挑战,那么它也适合作为Python的第一门课程。


Python Basics
Python Functions, Files, and Dictionaries
Data Collection and Processing with Python
Python Classes and Inheritance


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密歇根大学Python3编程专项课程系列(Python 3 Programming Specialization), 这个系列包含5门子课程,包括Python基础,Python函数、文件和词典, Python数据收集和处理 ,Python类和继承、Python项目实践,包括pillow, tesseract和opencv,感兴趣的同学可以关注:Become a Fluent Python Programmer, Learn the fundamentals and become an independent programmer.


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