Python for Everybody Specialization

开始时间: 10/13/2018 持续时间: Unknown

所在平台: Coursera专项课程

课程类别: 计算机科学

大学或机构: CourseraNew



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This Specialization builds on the success of the Python for Everybody course and will introduce fundamental programming concepts including data structures, networked application program interfaces, and databases, using the Python programming language. In the Capstone Project, you’ll use the technologies learned throughout the Specialization to design and create your own applications for data retrieval, processing, and visualization.


5 courses

Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)

This course aims to teach everyone the basics of programming computers using Python. We cover the basics of how one constructs a program from a series of simple instructions in Python. The course has no pre-requisites and avoids all but the

Python Data Structures

This course will introduce the core data structures of the Python programming language. We will move past the basics of procedural programming and explore how we can use the Python built-in data structures such as lists, dictionaries, and tuples to

Using Python to Access Web Data

This course will show how one can treat the Internet as a source of data. We will scrape, parse, and read web data as well as access data using web APIs. We will work with HTML, XML, and JSON data formats in Python. This course will cover Chapte

Using Databases with Python

This course will introduce students to the basics of the Structured Query Language (SQL) as well as basic database design for storing data as part of a multi-step data gathering, analysis, and processing effort. The course will use SQLite

Capstone: Retrieving, Processing, and Visualizing Data with Python
Upcoming session: Nov 12
In the capstone, students will build a series of applications to retrieve, process and visualize data using Python. The projects will involve all the elements of the specialization. In the first part of the capstone, students will do some visual



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Deep Learning Specialization on Coursera


密歇根大学零基础Python入门专项课程系列(Python for Everybody Specialization), 这个系列包含4个子课程和1个毕业项目课程,包括Python入门,Python数据结构, 使用Python获取网络数据(Python爬虫), 在Python中使用数据库以及Python数据可视化等。这个系列是Coursera上很多同学的首选Python入门课程,感兴趣的同学可以关注:Learn to Program and Analyze Data with Python-Develop programs to gather, clean, analyze, and visualize data.


Python 零基础Python入门 Python数据可视化 Python入门 Python数据获取 Python数据处理 Python入门课程 Python入门公开课 Python入门专项课程