Organizational Leadership Specialization

开始时间: 09/19/2020 持续时间: Unknown

所在平台: Coursera专项课程

课程类别: 商业与管理学

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Equip yourself to successfully lead organizations through clarity of purpose and effective collaboration — by building and motivating teams; designing and delivering powerful stories; developing strategies to appropriately influence; understanding underlying customer analytics and applying innovative approaches to deliver impact. How do aspiring managers succeed in an ever-changing business environment? How do they lead different groups to action? This specialization equips aspiring managers to lead change and leverage different roles and functions within for-profit institutions to create lasting value in the marketplace. Throughout the five courses, we will explore how great leaders assess themselves and lead collaborative teams that effectively manage negotiations and conflict. We will discover how leaders communicate through storytelling and employ other communication strategies to influence. Furthermore, we will learn how organizations start with the clarity of purpose that comes from an understanding of customers’ needs, including leveraging data analytics, and use that focus to drive the design of products and services to meet those needs effectively. At the end of the coursework, students will create a capstone project that allows them to apply what they have learned. Each of the individual courses can be audited for free: 1-High Performance Collaboration: Leadership, Teamwork, and Negotiation, 2-Leadership Communication for Maximum Impact: Storytelling, 3-Leadership Through Social Influence, 4-Leadership Through Marketing, 5-Leadership Through Design Innovation.

组织领导专业化:通过建立和激励团队,使自己能够通过明确目的和有效协作而成功地领导组织;设计和传达有力的故事;制定适当影响的策略;了解潜在的客户分析并应用创新的方法来产生影响。 有抱负的管理人员如何在瞬息万变的商业环境中取得成功?他们如何引导不同的群体采取行动?该专业使有抱负的管理人员能够领导变革,并利用营利性机构中的不同角色和职能在市场上创造持久的价值。在这五门课程中,我们将探讨伟大的领导者如何自我评估以及领导有效管理谈判和冲突的协作团队。我们将发现领导者如何通过讲故事进行交流,并运用其他交流策略来产生影响。此外,我们将学习组织如何从了解客户需求(包括利用数据分析)的目的明确开始,并专注于推动产品和服务的设计来有效满足这些需求。在课程结束时,学生将创建一个顶点项目,使他们能够运用所学知识。 每个单独的课程都可以免费审核:1-高效协作:领导,团队合作和谈判; 2-领导沟通,以发挥最大影响力:讲故事,3-通过社会影响力领导,4-通过市场营销领导,5-领导通过设计创新。


High Performance Collaboration: Leadership, Teamwork, and Negotiation
Leadership Communication for Maximum Impact: Storytelling
Leadership Through Social Influence
Leadership Through Marketing


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组织领导力专项课程系列(Organizational Leadership Specialization), 该系列包含5门子课程和1门毕业项目课程,涵盖领导力,团队协作,谈判技巧,影响力等内容,感兴趣的同学可以关注:Successfully Lead in an Ever-Changing Business Environment-Master key strategies to successfully lead an organizational change effort in just five courses plus a final capstone project.


组织领导力 领导力 领导力课程 领导力公开课