Leading: Human Resource Management and Leadership Specialization

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4 courses

Organisational design: Know your organisation

When you become responsible for leading an organisation as a whole, your most important leadership challenge will be enabling your organisation to deliver on its strategy, whilst also ensuring that it remains sufficiently agile. This requires signi

Organisational behaviour: Know your people

As you move through an increasingly globalised, competitive business environment, it's your ability to manage and lead people in a flatter, more team-driven context that is the key to organisational success. This course teaches you how to motivate an

Adapt your leadership style
Starts 10/22/18
Developing leadership capabilities requires an understanding of the importance of alignment. This includes understanding the degree of alignment between the why, what, how, and when in a business. This course provides students with a rich understanding of the phenomenon of organisational change, understood not just as the outcome of a planned decision, but also as a reaction to unforeseen crisis, and as a continuous process of transformation. Reflecting on real cases of organisational change as well as student experience, students will use several diagnostic tools to recognize driving forces of transformation, their impacts on stakeholders, and practical actions that can be performed to navigate the process in a logic of responsible and ethical stewardship. The course aims to develop the change/transition management skills of students, bringing together technical, political and ethical elements of management in developing leadership capabilities.

Visionary leadership, identity & motivation: Become a meaning maker
Starts 11/19/18
Faced with complex and ambiguous environments, how do leaders envision the future and instill their vision in a way that conveys its meaningfulness and drives change and innovation? This course addresses this challenge using the lens of leaders as meaning makers and sense givers. hip, vision and identity. Drawing on theories of organisational identity and identification, meaning, branding, and internal marketing, such as internal marketing, the course explores how students, as leaders, can influence the meanings in and around their organisation in a way that positively affects employees and other stakeholders. create a compelling vision and understand how to communicate with impact and meaning. These meanings pertain to vision, brand, reputation, organisational culture, and the meaning of work. As the complexity of the business environment continues to increase, a leader’s ability to help shape these meanings has become critical to their ability to lead effectively. In this course students why and how meaning has become a critical aspect of contemporary leadership, and what the main mechanisms are through which leaders can affect meanings in and around their organisation. The course also helps students grapple with the ethics of leadership seen through the lens of meaning making to ensure that these mechanisms are deployed to help develop more sustainable business organisations that help people realize their full human potential. Students will also understand how to build personal power to exert influence and how to harness the transformative power of social identity to sustain commitment to the vision. Special attention will be given to the role of identity in leading across cultures and borders. In exploring these concepts, this course will also build an understanding of how storytelling can engage and influence people beyond traditional approaches to communication. This course will also explore the role of brands and visual identity in organizational success. Students will develop awareness of brand identity and the role of brand in clarifying and reinforcing the vision, both within the organisation, and for partners and customers.


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