Foundations of Management Specialization

开始时间: 11/14/2018 持续时间: Unknown

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课程类别: 商业与管理学

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Good management is equal parts knowing and doing. No matter what industry you work in or where you are in your career, a basic understanding of financial, marketing and decision-making principles and other management fundamentals will help you achieve your professional goals - be it getting promoted in your current job, getting ready for a MBA program, or starting your own company. This Specialization will give you a comprehensive introduction to the practice of management through the lens of four key disciplines: accounting, finance, marketing, and organizational behavior. In each course, you'll analyze real business cases from these four perspectives. In the final Capstone Project, you’ll apply what you’ve learned to develop a holistic solution to a real-world business dilemma. This Specialization will provide you with the skill set needed to help achieve the next step in your career.


5 courses

Accounting: Principles of Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting is often called the language of business; it is the language that managers use to communicate the firm's financial and economic information to external parties such as shareholders and creditors. Nobody working in business ca

Operational Finance: Finance for Managers

When it comes to numbers, there is always more than meets the eye. In operational finance, you will learn how to read the “story” that the balance sheet and income statement tells about the company’s operations. The insights you gain f

Marketing: Customer Needs and Wants

Understanding who your customers are and what they need and want is at the heart of successful marketing strategies. In this course you will explore how to identify and classify customers and the different methods that marketing professionals use

Organizational Behavior: How to Manage People

Peter Drucker, a pioneer in the field of management, once said that people have a perverse tendency to behave like human beings. Of course, we are not machines, and certainly not programmable. But through the study of organizational behavior

Analysis of Business Problems
Upcoming session: Dec 31
When does an opportunity to increase the bottom line become a liability for long-term brand sustainability and profitability? That is the question that GAS GAS, an off-road motorcycle manufacturer, is confronting. In this culminating course, it’s tim


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管理学基础专项课程系列(Foundations of Management Specialization),这个系列包含5门子课程,涵盖财务会计原理,管理者金融经营,市场营销(顾客的需求与欲望),组织行为(如何管理人)以及业务问题分析,感兴趣的同学可以关注:Boost Your Career with New Business Knowledge-Master Business Management Fundamentals


管理学 管理 管理概论 会计学 财务会计 , 管理学基础 市场营销 组织行为, 业务分析