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开始时间: 08/01/2020 持续时间: Unknown

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Consumers search for virtually everything. This includes the things that small businesses do, from restaurants to bespoke products. When consumers search they get organic results along with paid results. Paid search ads are systematically designed to be relevant. As a result, they’re often useful at getting consumers where they want to go. Consumers don’t tune out paid search like other types of digital ads. Search ads can be a small business opportunity. While larger advertisers pay massive amounts to place their ads via search, we highlight smart ways small businesses can create their own tailored search campaigns on small budgets. This course shows small businesses how to create and execute search campaigns on Google Ads Search (formally AdWords). Through an introductory overview, students are guided through the official Google Ads Search training materials where they will ultimately earn an official Google Ads Search Certification. Beyond Google materials, practical campaign creation and optimization best practices and exercises are provided by real experts.

搜索广告:消费者搜索几乎所有内容。这包括从餐馆到定制产品的小型企业所做的事情。消费者搜索时,会获得自然结果以及付费结果。付费搜索广告被系统地设计为具有相关性。因此,它们通常有助于吸引消费者前往他们想要去的地方。消费者不会像其他类型的数字广告那样淘汰付费搜索。 搜索广告可能是一个小商机。大型广告客户需要支付大量费用才能通过搜索来投放广告,但我们着重介绍了小型企业可以以较小的预算制作自己的量身定制的搜索广告系列的明智方法。 本课程向小型企业介绍如何在Google Ads搜索(正式称为AdWords)上创建和执行搜索广告系列。通过介绍性概述,学生将获得官方的Google Ads Search培训材料指导,最终将获得官方的Google Ads Search认证。除了Google资料外,真正的专家还提供了实用的广告系列创建和优化最佳实践以及练习。


Search Basics
Google's Take on Auction Ads
Google's Take on Bidding, Audiences, and Tools
Google Ads Campaigns
Capstone Project: Practical Campaign Optimization