Mathematical Game Theory

开始时间: 02/22/2020 持续时间: Unknown

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Every day, almost every minute we make a choice. Right now you have made the choice to read this text instead of scrolling further. Choices can be insignificant: to go by tram or by bus, to take an umbrella or not. Sometimes they can be very significant and even crucial: the choice of University, life partner. However, the importance of choice may not be realized initially. Sometimes a decision "not to take an umbrella" radically changes everything. The choice may affect a small group of people or entire countries. In game тtheory, we call it the choice of strategy. Constantly interacting with society and adopting certain strategies, many of us wonder: why can't everyone exist peacefully and cooperate with each other? Why do those who have agreed to cooperate, suddenly break the agreement? What if one is cooperative and the other is not? How profitable should the interaction be for the opponent to change his opinion? When are long-term stable prospects better than short-term benefits, and when not? The answers to these and other questions you will find out in our course. This course will be useful for those who want to make choices based on mathematical calculations rather than relying on fate. Who is interested in world politics and at least once heard about the "Prisoner's Dilemma". The course is basic and does not require any special knowledge. In several sections, definitions and theorems from mathematical analysis and elements of probability theory will be used.

数学博弈论:我们几乎每天都会做出选择。现在,您已经选择阅读此文本,而不是进一步滚动。选择可能微不足道:乘电车或公共汽车,不带雨伞。有时它们可能非常重要,甚至至关重要:大学,生活伴侣的选择。但是,选择的重要性最初可能不会实现。有时,“不带伞”的决定会彻底改变一切。 选择可能会影响一小群人或整个国家。在游戏理论中,我们称其为策略选择。不断与社会互动并采取某些策略,我们许多人都在想:为什么每个人都不能和平共处并相互合作?为什么那些同意合作的人突然间达成协议?如果一个是合作的,而另一个则不是呢?互动应该如何使对手改变看法?长期稳定的前景何时比短期利益更好,何时不? 您将在我们的课程中找到这些问题和其他问题的答案。 对于那些希望基于数学计算而不是依靠命运做出选择的人,本课程将非常有用。谁对世界政治感兴趣,并且至少一次听说过“囚徒困境”。 本课程是基础课程,不需要任何特殊知识。在几个部分中,将使用数学分析的定义和定理以及概率论的要素。


Zero-sum Games
Noncooperative Games
Cooperative Games in Characteristic Function Form
Noncooperative Multistage Games





Game theory is devoted to study of mathematical models for processes, such as competition in the economy, political conflicts, voting problems, pricin