Becoming Part of the Globalised Workplace

开始时间: 10/17/2020 持续时间: Unknown

所在平台: Coursera

课程类别: 其他类别

大学或机构: CourseraNew



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The final course aims to build learners’ confidence and adaptability when communicating in cross-cultural environments as they assume leadership responsibility to communicate influence in persuasive workplace contexts. The course focuses on enhancing learners’ professional persona for skilful engagement and intercultural communication with stakeholders within and beyond the organization, including cross-departmental work teams, clients and external partners. Learners will also discover and apply good practices in organising information, using visual aids and body language for presentations while demonstrating a heightened sense of cultural sensitivity in a given context. In all, learners will acquire skills to demonstrate persuasive verbal and intercultural communication in workplace contexts which may include dialogues and presentations to critical stakeholders and effective task delegation to team members. At the end of this course, learners will be able to: - Analyse factors of motivation among workplace counterparts. - Recognise the impact of culture on factors of motivation. - Critique and craft persuasive verbal communication products (i.e. script of dialogue) for exchanges with work teams and critical stakeholders. - Apply principles of effective PowerPoint slide design with consideration for cultural sensitivity. - Identify and adopt strategies on the use of voice and body language for engaging presentations.

成为全球化工作场所的一部分:最终课程旨在培养学习者在跨文化环境中进行交流时的信心和适应能力,因为他们承担着领导责任,在有说服力的工作场所中交流影响力。该课程侧重于增强学习者的专业角色,以便与组织内外的利益相关者(包括跨部门工作团队,客户和外部合作伙伴)进行熟练的互动和跨文化交流。 学习者还将发现并运用良好的惯例来组织信息,使用视觉辅助工具和肢体语言进行演示,同时在给定的背景下展示出对文化敏感性的增强意识。总之,学习者将获得技能,以在工作场所环境中表现出有说服力的口头和跨文化交流,其中包括向关键利益相关者的对话和演示,以及向团队成员的有效任务委派。 在本课程结束时,学习者将能够: -分析工作场所同行的动机因素。 -认识到文化对动机因素的影响。 -评论和制作具有说服力的口头交流产品(即对话脚本),以便与工作团队和重要的利益相关者进行交流。 -运用有效的PowerPoint幻灯片设计原则,并考虑到文化敏感性。 -确定并采用使用语音和肢体语言进行演讲的策略。





The final course aims to build learners’ confidence and adaptability when communicating in cross-cul