Getting Started with Google Sheets

开始时间: 08/01/2020 持续时间: Unknown

所在平台: Coursera

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Google Sheets is a robust, cloud-based application that empowers you to create sophisticated spreadsheets. Whether you are working at your desk—or from your smartphone or tablet on-the-go—Google Sheets helps you organize, analyze, and share your most important data. In this course for Sheets users, you’ll learn how to make your own supercharged spreadsheets. First, you’ll learn how to input and format your data. Next, you’ll learn how formulas, functions and a few exclusive Google Sheets features can accelerate your data analysis. Finally, you’ll get tips for sharing your spreadsheets and collaborating on them with your team. About the Instructor Malia is a tech professional based in Los Angeles who uses G Suite and Google Sheets everyday to manage projects, collaborate with remote teams, and make data-driven decisions.

Google表格入门:Google表格是一个强大的基于云的应用程序,可让您创建复杂的电子表格。无论您是在办公桌前工作,还是在移动智能手机或平板电脑上工作,Google表格都可以帮助您组织,分析和共享最重要的数据。在面向表格用户的课程中,您将学习如何制作自己的增压电子表格。首先,您将学习如何输入和格式化数据。接下来,您将学习公式,函数和Google表格的一些专有功能如何加速您的数据分析。最后,您将获得有关共享电子表格以及与团队进行协作的提示。 关于讲师 Malia是位于洛杉矶的技术专家,他每天使用G Suite和Google表格来管理项目,与远程团队合作以及制定数据驱动型决策。


Welcome to Google Sheets: how to create, edit, and print your spreadsheet
Working with formulas and functions: how to import and analyze your data
Telling stories with data: how to design your sheet to highlight trends
Supercharge your sheet: how to create charts, pivot tables, and reports
Collaborating in Sheets: how to share your data with your team