Introduction to the Digital Advertising Landscape

开始时间: 08/08/2020 持续时间: Unknown

所在平台: Coursera

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The digital advertising landscape is complex. There are many different types of ads, including: display, video, audio, sponsored, native, social media and search. Consumer data and the ad tech that action on that data are both ubiquitous and complicated. As a result the sheer number of options available to digital marketers is hard to comprehend and manage. This course covers the major forms of digital advertising, from basic display ads to search to cutting-edge programmatic advertising concepts. The Trade Desk, the leading programmatic advertising provider, joins us as our programmatic experts and offers an actionable roadmap on how small businesses can leverage state of the art advertising technologies to accomplish business objectives. In all, this course leaves students with an understanding of digital advertising in its various forms, and how to strategically identify digital advertising opportunities.

数字广告格局简介:数字广告格局非常复杂。广告类型很多,包括:展示广告,视频广告,音频广告,赞助广告,原生广告,社交媒体和搜索广告。消费者数据和根据这些数据采取行动的广告技术无处不在且复杂。结果,难以理解和管理数字营销人员可用的众多选择。本课程涵盖数字广告的主要形式,从基本的展示广告到搜索再到尖端的程序化广告概念。领先的程序化广告提供商Trade Desk作为我们的程序化专家加入我们的行列,并就小型企业如何利用最先进的广告技术来实现业务目标提供了可行的路线图。总之,本课程使学生对各种形式的数字广告以及如何从战略上确定数字广告机会的理解。


Introduction: Display Advertising
Search Advertising
Banner and Video Advertising
Social Media Advertising
Mobile Advertising
Programmatic Advertising