Asymmetric Cryptography and Key Management

开始时间: 10/17/2020 持续时间: Unknown

所在平台: Coursera

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大学或机构: CourseraNew



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Welcome to Asymmetric Cryptography and Key Management! In asymmetric cryptography or public-key cryptography, the sender and the receiver use a pair of public-private keys, as opposed to the same symmetric key, and therefore their cryptographic operations are asymmetric. This course will first review the principles of asymmetric cryptography and describe how the use of the pair of keys can provide different security properties. Then, we will study the popular asymmetric schemes in the RSA cipher algorithm and the Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange protocol and learn how and why they work to secure communications/access. Lastly, we will discuss the key distribution and management for both symmetric keys and public keys and describe the important concepts in public-key distribution such as public-key authority, digital certificate, and public-key infrastructure. This course also describes some mathematical concepts, e.g., prime factorization and discrete logarithm, which become the bases for the security of asymmetric primitives, and working knowledge of discrete mathematics will be helpful for taking this course; the Symmetric Cryptography course (recommended to be taken before this course) also discusses modulo arithmetic. This course is cross-listed and is a part of the two specializations, the Applied Cryptography specialization and the Introduction to Applied Cryptography specialization.

非对称密码学和密钥管理:欢迎使用非对称密码学和密钥管理! 在非对称密码术或公共密钥密码术中,发送者和接收者使用一对公共-私有密钥,而不是同一对称密钥,因此它们的加密操作是非对称的。本课程将首先回顾非对称密码学的原理,并描述如何使用密钥对来提供不同的安全性。然后,我们将研究RSA密码算法和Diffie-Hellman密钥交换协议中流行的非对称方案,并了解它们如何以及为何起作用以保护通信/访问。最后,我们将讨论对称密钥和公共密钥的密钥分配和管理,并描述公共密钥分配中的重要概念,例如公共密钥授权,数字证书和公共密钥基础结构。本课程还描述了一些数学概念,例如素因数分解和离散对数,它们成为非对称基元安全性的基础,离散数学的工作知识将有助于学习该课程;对称密码学课程(建议在该课程之前参加)也讨论了模运算。 该课程是交叉列出的,是两个专业(应用密码学专业)和应用密码学简介专业的一部分。


This module reviews the principles and requirements of asymmetric cryptography, which uses a pair of keys - with one party using a public key and the other using the corresponding private key or vice versa - in contrast to symmetric cryptography using a shared secret key.





Welcome to Asymmetric Cryptography and Key Management! In asymmetric cryptography or public-key cr