Anticipating Your Next Battle, in Business and Beyond

开始时间: 12/19/2020 持续时间: Unknown

所在平台: Coursera

课程类别: 其他类别

大学或机构: CourseraNew



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In this MOOC, you will learn how to better anticipate the future, and reinvent yourself and your activity accordingly. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to account for the broader context and the possible convergence of long-term trends, and thus be able to develop a long-term, consistent strategy and vision, beyond mere day-to-day tactics. Thanks to this approach and mindset, you will become more agile and more resilient in a highly complex and uncertain landscape. In this class, you will not only learn the academic and theoretical aspects of strategic foresight, uncertainty and planning. We will also discuss very practical examples, ranging from a discussion on choosing the best outfit for a walk in the countryside to building a vision and strategy for a corporation as a CEO. In practical assessments, you will apply this broad approach to sample examples as well as to your personal and professional challenges. So if you are an entrepreneur, this course will help you identify the new ideas, the new business model and/or the new products that will help you remain relevant in the future. If you are a manager or an executive, by taking this course, you will be able to test whether your current approach and allocation of resources are appropriate given tomorrow's possible challenges. More generally, all kinds of decision-makers who look to think more strategically about their position and seek to improve it will find this course useful to think about the future constructively.

预测下一个业务,以及以后的战斗:在本MOOC中,您将学习如何更好地预测未来,并相应地重塑自己和自己的活动。 到课程结束时,您将能够考虑更广泛的背景以及长期趋势的可能趋同,从而能够制定长期,一致的战略和愿景,而不仅仅是日常工作。日战术。得益于这种方法和思维方式,您将在高度复杂和不确定的环境中变得更加敏捷和更有弹性。 在本课程中,您不仅将学习战略性远见,不确定性和计划的学术和理论方面。我们还将讨论一些非常实际的示例,从讨论如何选择最佳的郊游服装到建立公司的首席执行官愿景和战略。在实际评估中,您将把这种广泛的方法应用于示例示例以及您的个人和专业挑战。 因此,如果您是企业家,那么本课程将帮助您确定新的想法,新的业务模式和/或新产品,这些新的思想,新的业务模型和/或新产品将帮助您在未来保持相关性。如果您是经理或高管,则通过学习本课程,可以应对明天可能遇到的挑战,测试您当前的方法和资源分配是否合适。更广泛地说,所有希望从战略上对自己的立场进行战略性思考并寻求改善立场的决策者,都会发现本课程对于建设性地思考未来很有用。


This module will introduce you to the overall theme of the MOOC and to the significance of forward thinking. At the end of the module, you will be able to understand the objectives you should aim for when thinking about the future, to have a better grasp of the overall roadmap this requires especially in terms of anticipation and in terms of reinvention.



In this MOOC, you will learn how to better anticipate the future, and reinvent yourself and your act