Analysis of Business Problems

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When does an opportunity to increase the bottom line become a liability for long-term brand sustainability and profitability? That is the question that GAS GAS, an off-road motorcycle manufacturer, is confronting. In this culminating course, it’s time to use the business tools you have learned throughout the specialization to solve this real business problem. To help you as you develop a solution to the GAS GAS dilemma, in the Capstone you will also learn a six-step analysis of business problems methodology. By the end of the course, you will understand how to weave together considerations from accounting, finance, marketing and organizational behavior in order to arrive at a sound decision that will positively impact the firm’s future.

业务问题分析:何时增加底线的机会成为长期品牌可持续性和盈利能力的责任?这就是越野摩托车制造商GAS所面临的问题。 在这一高潮的课程中,是时候使用您在整个专业化过程中学习到的业务工具来解决此实际业务问题。为帮助您开发解决GAS GAS难题的解决方案,在Capstone中,您还将学习业务问题方法的六步分析。在课程结束时,您将了解如何将会计,财务,营销和组织行为方面的考虑因素结合在一起,以便做出合理的决定,对公司的未来产生积极影响。


Welcome! Before you start today's videos, please have a look at the syllabus. In this first session, I’ll introduce you to IESE’s six-step Analysis of Business Problems (ABP) methodology. This methodology is a very useful tool to help managers in their principal responsibility: making decisions. Because most business problems involve financial, technical and human issues, they are by nature complex. No matter how much thought you put into it, there is no “correct solution” and certainly no guarantee that your decision will yield the desired outcomes. Learning this six-step methodology is therefore a great help to many mangers as they take on their decision-making challenges, such as the one that GAS GAS faces. Objectives: To give learners a relevant and effective tool to make managerial decisions.


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When does an opportunity to increase the bottom line become a liability for long-term brand sustaina