Addiction Treatment: Clinical Skills for Healthcare Providers

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This course is designed with a singular goal: to improve the care you provide to your patients with substance use disorders. By delving into a model case performed by actors, seven Yale instructors from various fields provide techniques to screen your patients for substance use disorder risk, diagnose patients to gauge the severity of their use, directly manage treatment plans, refer out to treatment services, and navigate the various conditions that may limit your patient’s access to treatment. You will ultimately be prepared to provide compassionate and evidence-based care to a large population of patients living with addiction— a chronic, often relapsing-remitting disease, but a treatable one. Distribution of this course is made possible through a SAMHSA-funded grant initiative, the Expansion of Interprofessional Healthcare Practitioner SUD Education, which provides a foundational level of evidence-based training in preventing and treating substance use disorders. AAAP is working in collaboration with Yale University, the American College of Academic Addiction Medicine (ACAAM), and a coalition of 37 multidisciplinary healthcare learning institutions across the country to train health professionals including medicine, nursing, physician associate, social work, pharmacy and public health. Note: The content in this course is intended solely to inform and educate medical professionals. This site shall not be used for medical advice and is not a substitute for the advice or treatment of a qualified medical professional.

成瘾治疗:针对医疗保健提供者的临床技能:本课程的设计目标是:改善为药物滥用障碍患者提供的护理。通过研究由演员执行的模型案例,来自各个领域的七名耶鲁大学讲师提供了多种技术来筛选您的患者是否存在药物使用失调的风险,诊断患者以评估其使用的严重性,直接管理治疗计划,提供治疗服务以及导航可能会限制患者获得治疗的各种情况。您最终将准备为大量成瘾患者提供富有同情心和循证的护理,这是一种慢性,经常复发的疾病,但可以治疗。 该课程的分发是通过SAMHSA资助的一项赠款计划“跨专业医疗从业者SUD教育的扩展”来进行的,该计划提供了预防和治疗药物滥用疾病的循证培训的基础水平。 AAAP与耶鲁大学,美国学术成瘾医学学院(ACAAM)以及全国37个多学科医疗学习机构组成的联盟合作,对包括医学,护理,医师助理,社会工作,药学和公共卫生在内的卫生专业人员进行培训健康。 注意:本课程的内容仅用于通知和教育医疗专业人员。本网站不得用于医疗建议,并且不能代替合格医疗专业人员的建议或治疗。


“How can I show compassion toward patients with substance use disorders?”
“How do I know if my patient has a substance use disorder?”
"How do I recommend treatment options?”
“What medications help patients manage their substance use disorders?”
“What psychosocial or behavioral therapies are available for patients with substance use disorders?”
"What societal factors impact successful recovery?”


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