Constitutional Law

开始时间: 待定 持续时间: 14 weeks

所在平台: Coursera

课程类别: 法律

大学或机构: Yale University(耶鲁大学)

授课老师: Akhil Reed Amar



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This course is designed to introduce you to one of the most important texts in human history—the United States Constitution.  Why and how did this document come into existence in the 1780s?  How and why has it been amended over the years?  Who decides what it means?  What are the ground rules for proper constitutional interpretation?  How does the written Constitution interact with unwritten sources of constitutional authority, such as judicial decisions, presidential proclamations, landmark statutes, and widespread popular understandings?



An introduction to the main themes of the American Constitution—popular sovereignty, separation of powers, federalism, and rights—and to basic techniques of constitutional interpretation.


法律 宪法 耶鲁大学



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